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"I love what I do! From the set up to the to the take down. From the first dance to the last call. Every moment becomes memorable. Making you dance one song at a time. This is my passion. This is my mission. This is More Than Just Music."

What is a wedding without proper sound, lighting, and music? We know in all seriousness that the wedding is about the marriage and the commitment the two individuals are making to each other. However, this commitment should be celebrated, and celebrated well! This is where we come in. We provide the services you need to make your wedding enjoyable for you and all your guests. Have you ever been to a wedding with bad sound and you couldn't even hear the vows or the officiant announce the marriage is now official? It makes a world of a difference to have the proper sound technician on your team. We also provide lighting and a handful of other fun options to spice up your special day!


Ceremony, Cocktail, Dinner, & Reception



  • Professional sound
  • 1-12 inch speaker for ceremony
  • 2 -15 inch top speakers (Sound good for 50-100 people)
  • 1 wireless microphone
  • Dance floor lighting
  • Clean setup  
  • Music Planner App: All Music is clean. Special edits/remix to songs  
  • MC: Grand entrances (bridal party). Special announcements. Wedding games (Anniversary dance, shoe game, money dance).

Ceremony, Cocktail, Dinner, & Reception



  • Everything from MOST POPULAR
  • Intelligent up lighting: Uplight head table, cake table, around the room 
  • Led foam sticks
  • Designated phone charging station
  • Dancing on the cloud: adds that magical touch and makes for amazing First Dance
  • Specialized Monogram: names and dates displayed on the dance floor
DJ & Photo booth

This package is the CLASSIC and our photo booth.



  • Everything in the CLASSIC package
  • Photo Booth: 1-5 Hours of Printed & Up Loadable Photos, Gifs, Boomerangs & Short Videos Via Email. Onsite Photo Booth Operator.
    Table Filled With Fantastic Props.
    Custom Photo Template. 
    Photo Album Keepsake.



  • Photo Booth: 1-5 Hours of Printed & Up Loadable Photos, Gifs, Boomerangs & Short Videos Via Email. Onsite Photo Booth Operator.
    Table Filled With Fantastic Props.
    Custom Photo Template. 
    Photo Album Keepsake.

Events DJ Services

If you have any type of meeting or event that would benefit from having professional sound, an MC or DJ is going to be exactly what you need. We provide a variety of different sound and light setups in order to make your event audible to everyone attending and to take the excitement up another notch. We provide mics for giving speeches, music for dancing and enjoyment, and lighting to bring a general enjoyable tone to the atmosphere. Maybe you have a large family gathering, a non profit fund raising event, a local meeting, birthday party, or you just want to dance with some friends. We want to make your life easy by taking care of all the tech behind the scenes. 

P H O T O  B O O T H

wedding photo booth

In addition to our DJ services, we also provide a fun photo booth experience that compliments a variety of events making them that much more enjoyable. It's a great option to have enjoyable activities for your guests and a photo booth not only provides a fun activities but long lasting memories. Photos tell stories and they can stay with us forever. We have a handful of photo booth experiences ourselves that we look back on from time to time with fond memories. You can't go wrong with adding a photo booth to your event and all your guests will thank you! No matter what the size of your gathering is we have the tools and skills to make our photo booth a highlight. When you give us a call ask us about pricing and our package deal!

We are proud to be providing DJ services to the towns in and near by Yakima County in Washington State. Yakima is the largest city in central Washington with a population of 94,000 people. With plenty of wedding venues and event centers we have a wide variety of options to provide DJ services to. The Yakima area is known for its orchards and vineyards which provide locations with beautiful agricultural scenery to look upon. If you are planning a wedding in Yakima or an event that could use the help of our DJ service please give us a call to get this party started! 

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E L L E N S B U R G, W A

Just 45 minutes north of Yakima is the town of Ellensburg, Wa located in the center of Washington. Ellensburg is the home of Central Washington University and the Kittitas County area is known for the famous Ellensburg Rodeo and Fair on Labor Day every year. With a variety of wedding venues and events centers we are proud to be providing DJ service in Ellensburg. If you are located in Ellensburg or are planning a wedding or event in this location please give us a call and we would be happy to join your team. No longer any need to worry about sound and lighting as we have it all covered. Give us a call and tell us about your plan! 



Music is the magic to the party.

 With such a huge variety of music options you really want the music to match your setting.

It doesn't take much for the wrong music

to kill the mood for everyone. 

We always work with you to make sure the music you want to hear is coming through our speakers. Whether you have a specific playlist in mind or you would like us to make one for you, we can guarantee the tunes will be bumping. If you have a graduation party, a birthday party, a retirement party, wedding, anniversary reception, grand opening, fund raiser event, public meeting, concert, or any other type of event that would benefit from having a DJ, we are here and ready to serve you. If you are planning a special event and would like to hire a professional DJ please give us a call and let us know what you have in mind. With our competitive pricing and top notch service you won't be disappointed. 


Most people don't think about the importance of lighting when it comes to setting up an event. Lighting is one of the factors that really makes a huge difference to the feel and atmosphere of a place. Lucky for you, when we DJ an event we bring a variety of different lights with us to make this transformation happen. Both in the reception area and the formal event area we are going to want to make sure the lighting is professionally done. Up lighting is one of the best ways to bring life to a room. We have a collection of professional lights we can set up in accordance to the way you want the room to look. We always factor in the style of decoration that is already in a room when we set up lighting. With proper lighting we have the ability to really transform any indoor our outdoor setting. 

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