How DJ Works

Some might be wondering how it all works to be a DJ, whether one is a Dj for a wedding or for some other type of special event. There are a variety of aspects that go into being a DJ and we will go over them in this article for you to learn and grow. Please remember that each DJ situation is going to be different based on the type of service you are providing and the audience you are serving. Being a DJ for a Christmas part at a senior retirement home is going to be different from being a DJ for a night club down town. 

A DJ is either a mobile Dj or a stationary one. Stationary DJ’s provide their services in one location and they don’t have to continually setup and take down all their equipment every time they put on a show or provide a Dj service. A mobile DJ is exactly the opposite and they have to pack around their equipment with them wherever they go and spend time doing setup and take down for each even they are a Dj at. Am example of a stationary DJ would be one at a specific night club, these DJ’s perform at the same club in the same spot every week so there isn’t much change they need to do in or to go from one performance to another. This would be similar to being an employee of the night club, however they might be an independent contractor depending on the setup they have with the manager of the night club. A mobile Dj is gong to be performing at venues like wedding venues or large events whether indoor or out door and they will have to move their equipment after each show because they need to travel to a new location for their next event. 

One a DJ has their gear and everything setup for the event they can then double check that everything is working properly. We want to check everything ahead of time so that we make sure that everything is working properly so when the show starts they are good to go. It would be a bad experience if a Dj started a show and realized something major was wrong and then they would have to postpone the production. If this happened at a wedding venue this would be a terrible situation and most likely the wedding would have to go on without a DJ. So it is really important to double check all of your gear and equipment before you get started on your gig. Once you have double checked all your gear you can then move to starting the event. 

Most Dj who run an event are either playing music or they are providing a sound service for people to use a microphone to talk through. Being an MC for an event is a common service that a Dj will add to their service list. There are also a variety of other additional services that Dj’s do like lighting or photo booths, etc.