When a DJ is responsible for lighting an event it can completely change the atmosphere. 

Lighting is one of the key elements to a good party.

It's important that the lighting is done correctly. if a room is too bright or too dark it can really have a negative effect on everyone in the room.

When we provide lighting for an event we have several different devices that can display a variety of different lighting. This allows us to customize the lighting so that it perfectly accents the room and the decorations that are already in place.

Uplighting is a common type of lighting you would see at a wedding or any type of dining event. we have a handful of different devices that provide uplighting and they really bring an exciting atmosphere to a room.

Typically when you are setting up lighting for a room you want to figure out what parts of the room you want to be highlighted more than others. at a wedding, this is typically wherever the bride and groom will be. At a wedding, it could also be the wedding cake or certain pictures that are displayed on the wall. for example, a picture of the bride and groom when they first met, or a picture of the bride's family, or a picture of the groom's family, or a picture of the bride and groom with their friends. 

When you move to the dance floor, the lighting can get very exciting. Now you might be saying, “Woah, tell me more!” And believe me, I will.  What gets me excited about lighting on the dance floor is that we can set up lights that are activated to sound. This means there will be lights with different intensities oh, different displays, and different colors that will all be moving to the beat of the music.  when this happens, it creates a highly enjoyable experience for everyone dancing on the dance floor. 

The colors of Dance Floor lights:

  • red lights

  •  blue lights

  •  green lights

  •  yellow lights

  •  white lights

  •  pink lights

  •  orange lights

There are some situations where a lot of lights are going to really improve the atmosphere. However, there are other situations where it's best to maybe only have a few lights. This will depend on the atmosphere of the event, the type of music being played, the population of people at the event, the size of the room, if the event is indoors or outdoors, the time of day, and a variety of other variables.  A professional DJ will be able to determine the best decisions for your event based on his or her previous experiences.  A DJ with a lot of experience is going to have a wide range of knowledge when it comes to setting up the lighting for your event.

 If you are considering having an event with a DJ please consider are package deal that includes lighting. All of our customers who have chosen to include the lighting have been greatly satisfied and looking back are glad that they made this decision. Lighting is one of those things that people don't often think about but when it is there or isn't there you can tell. 

We look forward to hearing from you and being able to light up your next event!