Should I Add A Photo Booth?

Once you start dialing in your process at being a Dj you can then start to add some accessory services that will provide more value to the customer and end up making you more money. A photo booth is a great example because if you set it up correctly it can run itself and now you have another form of revenue that only takes some setup, take down, and some post event editing and sending of the photos. 

A photo booth is easy to make yourself or you can purchase a photo booth that is already made. Either way you ant to make sure that it is nice and that the process of setup and take down is as simple as possible. If you are able to provide this service with as little ease as possible then you will be expanding your business  with little cost to you. 

A photo booth is simple in how it is put together. The main aspects of a photo booth that you will need is a nice background fo the pictures to be taken towards, some type of camera and lighting setup and can be automated by the user. This means people should be able to operate your photo booth by themselves. If you have a button on the floor that they can push with their foot and then the camera counts down from five and takes a picture. Something like that is a great example of automating your photo booth. This way you only have to visit the photo booth if something goes wrong of you need to adjust something like put addition storage in or switch out a battery. If there is a way to get the largest storage card possible and a way to plug in your camera then you might not have to visit the photo booth the whole time during the event. 

After the event is over you are going to want to transfer the images to your customer. You have the option to either transfer all of the raw photos over without even looking at them. This would be the easiest and fastest way to transfer the photos to the customer. Or if you wanted to batch edit the photos you could provide a batch quick edit with a preset to all the photos to give them certain look you are going for. As long as your lighting and camera settings are correct you shouldn’t have to do much editing at all. Once you provide these photos to the customer they can then sort through them and picket the ones they enjoy most. Having your customer go through all the photos is going to save you a lot of time and because the customer is invested in the photos they are going to want to look at them all which is great for you in the long run. Using a simple data transfer method whether in person or online is going to be fine. If you are considering adding a photo booth to your Dj service make sure you are providing great dj service first and then go ahead and add the photo booth and make sure it is automated so it doesn’t take up much more of your time and energy.