Wedding DJ in Yakima  

Yakima Washington is located in the middle of the state and it has a variety of different beautiful locations to have a wedding. If you were considering having your wedding in the Yakima area and you are in need of a DJ, we are the perfect fit for you. We provide wedding DJ Services and we are based out of Yakima.  

Whenever you go to a nice wedding it's important to have someone managing the sound. Audio is important because it creates an experience for the married couple as well as the guests who are attending. 

When a DJ provides services at a wedding, they have the ability to cover the wedding ceremony as well as the reception. During the wedding ceremony, there is music played by the DJ when the bride and groom and the wedding party are entering. There is audio broadcasted when the wedding officiant is speaking as well as when the bride and groom are sharing their vows to each other. Sometimes there is live music that is played at a wedding and this is also included in the DJs services. and then when the ceremony is completed and everyone is exiting there's also music laid during this time by the DJ. Making sure that the audio levels are correct during the ceremony are highly important and a DJ should be fully responsible for this job.

 After the wedding ceremony is finished there's typically a reception that follows immediately after. there are a variety of different types of agendas when it comes to wedding receptions and it will all depend on what the bride and groom want to happen during this time. A wedding DJ should be able to be flexible with the bride and groom's desires and to provide whatever type of audio they are looking for. Usually, there is somebody who is announcing the different stages of the reception, they're usually speeches that take place, and there's typically music for dancing.

When it comes to dancing at a wedding, having the right music is really important. A professional DJ will talk to the bride and groom I'm trying to figure out what type of music will be best to play for them as well as all of the guests who are attending the reception. If the wrong type of music is played at the reception it can really damage the atmosphere and kill the mood quickly.  A professional DJ who is doing their job effectively should be able to get a large majority of people out on the dance floor having fun. 

Next time you hear someone you know planning a wedding or if you are planning a wedding yourself consider Skylight DJ Service to provide all of your audio needs for that special day.  if you would like to take the next step please give us a call so we can answer your questions and get you pumped up to have an awesome celebration. Each wedding we get to be a part of, we always put our best foot forward and realize that our job is done when you have a smile on your face. 

Let's get this party started!