Professional wedding DJ's make sure to offer their clients a variety of options when it comes to their services. We want to make sure our professional dj services meet your unique needs on your special day. We realized how special this day is for you, your friends, and your family members and closer relatives. We pride ourselves in providing you the customer a variety of customizable choices that you are going to love. Each option should have you excited and make you feel confident about your big day ahead. 

When you ask us about our package deals we want you to envision the event in your mind and make sure it is exactly how you have always dreamt it would be. A wedding is an event in your life time that you should never forget, it is such a special day for you and so many others. Let's make it the best possible. 

If you are interested in having us make your day the best it can be and a day you will remember for the rest of your life then give us a call and we can explain all of our pricing and package deals to you over the phone. Once you give us a call we can schedule a consultation to figure out exactly what you are looking for when it comes to have a wedding dj at your wedding. We will figure out what options is going to be the best fit for your special day. 

Each married couple we talk to wants to have the best wedding possible and each venue is going to provide a different atmosphere. Some weddings are hosted outside and some are hosted inside or even both. It's important for us to know where you wedding is going to be located so we can start to picture what is going to be best when it comes to our wedding dj setup with our lights and sound equipment. Picking a location for all our gear is an important part of the process. 

When deciding where a wedding dj will be located for your wedding you want to have the dj in a place that isn't going to be blocking the view for you or your guests. You also want to make sure that the dj himself or herself can see everything that is going on. If a dj is behind a wall it is going to be challenging for them to time the start and stop of music correctly or when to turn on or off certain microphones. This is why the dj location is going to be important. 

If perhaps we have already dj'ed at the wedding venue you are going to have your wedding at then we will most likely be family with the venue and where our best options will be to setup our sound booth to play music. So if you are interested in hiring us for wedding dj service then all you have to do is give us a call and we will guide you through the process and figure out all the details to make your special day just the way you want it. Thank you for considering us and we look forward to your call.