What DJ Equipment Do I Need?

Dj equipment is the most important physical aspect when it comes to running a DJ business. That being said, we have to remember that Dj equipment is also the biggest expense when it comes to running a Dj business. 

Technology continues to advance as times goes on and the Dj equipment world is always growing and expanding. Dj’s are often aware the the big changes that come to an industry and are aware of the new types of devices that offer better service to their customers or just make their job as a Dj more easy. 

Some of the basic equipment that a Dj uses is going to be a computer to drive the software needed to run music. Having a fast computer is going to be important because you want to be able to rely on your computer. If your computer shuts down then your service most likely shuts down with it. Another important item is a sound board.

Each Dj is going to have a preference when it comes to the equipment they want to use and there are a variety of soundboards and mixers out there. Speakers are another hugely important piece of equipment when it comes to running a Dj service because you need something to play the music through. 

A microphone is important, as well as lighting and other additional features to create the appropriate atmosphere for an event. 

Each Dj is going to have a preference when it comes to running their own business and what type of equipment they enjoy using, or that they believe is the best to use. Gear is important and again expensive so take good care of your gear and have it backed up on insurance if you are able to. If something goes wrong you want to make sure you can have a back-up to keep the show going. 

Headphones are another common item that Dj’s use and we discusses this in another article, but headphones allow a dj to listen to the next track that is coming up and sync the beat’s tempo together in order to make a smooth transition from one song to another. This is why you will see a Dj with one side of the headphones on their ear and the other not, because one ear is used to listen to the current song playing through the speakers, and the other ear is listening to the next song that is in cue. 

If you are going to be a mobile Dj then you will need a form of transportation that allows you and all of your gear to travel from one event to the next safely. Often times you will see a dj with a van because there is a lot of space in the back and they can easily get in and out to move or store different gear. When you are first starting off it is very common to use whatever vehicle you have and then to upgrade from there as time goes on. 

As you can see the gear aspect of running a Dj service is very important.