If you are in the process of planning a big event like a wedding, you are most likely considering finding a professional DJ to hire to help with the entertainment aspects of your event. Before you take action on hiring a DJ for your wedding or any other special event, let us explain what exactly a DJ is and what types of services they provide you. 

We well known DJ is going to have a reputation of providing quality service. A DJ has a job that is more complex than just playing music for everyone. If you are able to have a better understanding of what a DJ does then you will know what they can do for you which will help you make the right decision on who you decide to hire. 

The meaning behind "DJ"

The word DJ actually stands for "disc jockey," and this name came from the times when DJs worked with vinyl records. It isn't very common to find a DJ now that works with vinyl records because everything has gone digital. If you look at the main aspects of the DJs job throughout time however, it has generally stayed the same. 

Digging into this further, there are three different types of DJs:

DJ's on the Radio: DJs on the radio play music, host a show, answer phone calls, share news, or talk about certain entertaining subjects. 

DJ's in the Club: A DJ in the club works late at night and has the main focus of providing music for people to dance to.

DJ's that are mobile: These types of DJs are the ones you would see at big events like weddings or school dances that involve music, lights, and microphones for people to talk into. 

A DJ's job includes being knowledgable about the current music scene and also having a high knowledge and skill level when it comes to sound equipment. 

What Does A DJ Do?

The main job of a DJ is to play music for a group of people. Most DJ's do not create the music themselves or provide any musical performance themselves. Rather they are playing other's music that has been recorded. It is common for a DJ to play music that is currently popular. The pre-recorded music done by musicians has to fit the venue and event the DJ is working at. Playing the right type of music is very important and is a big part of a DJ's job. 

DJ's will also take part in MCing an event, which means they are the announcer and entertainer on the microphone. Most DJ's get a lot of experience at announcing and because they have witnessed a large amount of events they only get better and better at their job as time goes on. Each DJ is going to have a background of knowledge and experience that helps them continue to do their job well and also improve each time. 

Due to the nature of the items needed to do their job, another thing a DJ does is setup and take down equipment. This is an important part of the job and has to be done correctly in order to keep things organized and safe as they are being transported from one event to the next.